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SCRUB PUNCH Industrial Strength Floor Scrubber Detergent

Industrial strength floor scrubber detergent is formulated to be used in automatic floor scrubbers on a variety of surfaces. Scrub Punch line of floor scrubber chemicals are available in a multi-purpose cleaner, an industrial strength degreaser, and a tire mark remover.

Scrub Punch APC (All Purpose Cleaner) 
is a strong fast-acting detergent and degreaser soap for cleaning all washable hard surfaces. APC is specifically formulated for use in automatic floor scrubbers, and it can also be used with wet vacs, regular hand mopping or as a spray-and-wipe. APC works in cold or hot water as well as in hard water. It is film-free, low foaming, and no rinsing is required.

Scrub Punch Industrial Strength Degreaser
is a heavy duty cleaner chemical that works to quickly break up and dissolve oils, greases and fats. This product is specifically formulated for use in automatic floor scrubbers, but it can also be used on any surfaces that are not harmed by water. It works in cold or hot water as well as in hard water. It is film-free, low foaming, and no rinsing is required. This versatile degreaser can be used in manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, meat cutting rooms and anywhere a degreaser is desired.

Scrub Punch Tire Mark Remover
is a ready-to-use cleaner and degreaser soap for use on all type of hard surfaces. It is specifically formulated to be used as a prespray for tire marks when using automatic floor scrubbers. This product is also great for grease, oil, ink, lipstick, black scuff marks, food soils, pencil marks and other problem soils. NO RINSING is needed, and it is safe on almost every hard surface. Scrub Punch Tire Mark Remover contains natural orange solvents, special detergents, penetrating and soil lifting agents and special ingredients to prevent soils from redepositing on surfaces for a rinse free cleaning.

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