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Aftermarket Tennant 1008639 Drain Cap Assembly

Drain hose cap assembly : Fits Tennant 1510, 1610, 5100, 5400, 5680, 5700, 5700ee, 5700xp, A3, A5, EX-SC-1020, T3, T3e, T3+, T5, T5e, T7, T7AMR AND Nobles Speed Scrub 17-24, SS3, Speed Scrub 24-32, SS5, Speed Scrub 2001, Speed Scrub Rider, SSR

Fits Aftermarket Tennant 1008639 Drain Cap Assembly

Machine Fitment

1100 Portable Carpet Extractor,1120 Carpet Extractor,1160 Carpet Extractor,1180 Carpet Extractor w/ Heat,1240 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor (120V),1240 Self-Contained Extractor (Early Body Style),1260 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor (120V),1260 Self-Contained Extractor (Early Body Style),1280 Self-Contained Forward Push Extractor,1510 Battery Carpet Extractor,1530 Carpet Extractor,1610 Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner,3500 15-Gal Wet/Dry Vacuum,5200 Battery Automatic Scrubber,5680 Walk-Behind Scrubber,5700 Walk-Behind Scrubber,5700EE Walk-Behind Scrubber,5700XP Walk-Behind Scrubber,750 All Surface Cleaner,A3 Automatic Scrubber,A5 Automatic Scrubber,AC-15 All Surface Cleaner,EX-CAN-10 Portable Carpet Extractor,EX-CAN-15-HP Carpet Extractor,EX-CAN-57-HP Carpet Extractor,EX-CAN-15-HPH Carpet Extractor w/ Heat,EX-CAN-15-LP Carpet Extractor,EX-CAN-57-LP Carpet Extractor,EX-SC 3840 Self Contained Carpet Extractor,EX-SC 3851 Self Contained Carpet Extractor,Falcon Ultra B Battery Automatic Carpet Extractor,Quick Clean 1500,R14 Dual Technology Rider Carpet Cleaner,Speed Scrub (17-20-24") Automatic Scrubber,Speed Scrub (24-32") Automatic Scrubber,Speed Scrub 2001 Battery Automatic Scrubber,Speed Scrub 2001 Electric Automatic Scrubber,Speed Scrub Orbital Automatic Scrubber,Speed Scrub Rider,Speed Scrub SS3 (17-20-24") Automatic Scrubber,Strive Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner,Strive Rider Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner,T2 Automatic Scrubber,T3 Automatic Scrubber,T3 Orbital Automatic Scrubber,T3+ Automatic Scrubber,T3e Automatic Scrubber,T5 Automatic Scrubber,T5e Automatic Scrubber,T7 Rider Scrubber,Typhoon EV Wet/Dry Vacuum,WB-20B Battery Automatic Scrubber,WB-20E Electric Automatic Scrubber

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Perfect Fit

Exactly what we needed.

Bruce Solliday
Parts and Service

Parts were accurate and exactly what I needed. Fast and accurate delivery and the service was awesome.

Chris Pennington

good items

John Lee

Aftermarket Tennant 1008639 Drain Cap Assembly