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Types of Tennant Sweeping Brushes

May 16, 2018 1 min read

Tennant Sweeping Brushes

Made with premium, heavy duty raw materials and a unique spline drive system, these brushes transfer power efficiently from hub to brush for superior performance and long service life.


Designed with a dense pattern for trapping sand, dust, and other fine debris.


Sand Wedge

Patented high density brush effectively picks up heavier accumulations of fine debris.


Full- Fill Tube Broom

Heavey-gauge polypropolyene material provides superior performance on uneven or irregular surfaces. Used on Tennant's larger outdoor sweeping machines.


Window Brush

Patented brush with opening that traps light litter, including small paper scraps.


6/8 Double Row

General purpose brush with bristles that pick up fine debris while the spacing between the rows effectively traps bulkier litter.


Patrol Brush

Wider spacing between bristle rows that effectively pick up bulky litter during high speed sweeping.


Side Brushes

Round, flared design reaches into corners and along edges, pushing debris in front of the sweeper for pick-up by the main broom.


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