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Should I Rent or Buy a Floor Scrubber?

April 10, 2018 2 min read

For contract cleaners, labor is the number one cost factor on floor jobs.  Automatic floor scrubbers were invented to improve cleaning efficiency, so the savvy contract cleaner will utilize the mechanical advantage of autoscrubbers every chance he gets.

Tennant T500

If you don't own a floor scrubber when preparing a bid that requires one, then you'll need to make sure you have access to a rental unit.  Depending on the rental company, you may need to have your own trailer for transporting the machine.  This may actually save you on delivery/pick up fees as well.  Walk-behind floor scrubbers can rent for $90-300/day.  You may have a 3 day minimum along with those delivery fees.  Even though you only need the scrubber for one day, you may be looking at a $1000 bill.  

Tennant T600 Refurbished

A good used walk-behind floor scrubber might go for $3000-6000.  If you want to grow your business locally, you'll eventually need to own your equipment so that you can dollar cost average the investment against multiple accounts or future bids.  Owning a machine also allows the operator to become very familiar with his piece of equipment.  This way, if there are any issues or breakdowns the likelihood of fixing the machine is quickly increased.  When faced with a rental machine, you may not know the nuances of the unit that was delivered.  You also don't know who used it last, when it was serviced, or how it performed before being dropped off for your job.  Since most of the floor jobs you'll be doing are after hours or on the weekend, the local service companies probably won't offer service during those times.  

Rentals are beneficial and serve a purpose.  Sometimes you may own your machine, but you need additional equipment for larger jobs.  However, purchasing your own floor cleaning equipment assures you'll be prepared for the job before you have it, and then when you do have it, you can be confident with the tools you brought.  

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