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June 23, 2016 2 min read

It’s time for a new floor scrubber and maybe the boss has left you up to the task of making the decisions, or you’re just handling the grunt work yourself. Either way, too many businesses often find themselves spending more money on caring for their floors than ever intended. Why? Because they don’t ask themselves the proper questions and take appropriate considerations when purchasing their floor machines.

…too many businesses often find themselves spending more money on caring for their floors than ever intended.

Do yourself and/or your business a huge favor and carefully read over the following 5 steps to purchasing an automatic floor scrubber. You can save thousands of dollars and hours of headaches if you take the time to make the right purchasing decision to begin with.

1) Decide What Type of Machine You Want: Electric or Battery Operated?

If your budget is limited then a corded machine will typically cost less than a battery unit, and without a battery pack there is also less maintenance required. However, not to be overlooked is the fact that the corded floor scrubber will cover less floor space in relation to time spent than a battery machine. Also, because of its corded operation, it is less maneuverable than a battery operated machine.

2) Qualify What Category of Equipment You Need: Commercial or Industrial?

A commercial piece of equipment while adequate for say a school or grocery store will require more maintenance and will have a shorter life span in an industrial environment. What is necessary for your location?

3) Consider the size of your location versus the size of the machine.

Compare the cost of labor to cover the area versus the machine’s coverage per hour rating. Which is more cost effective? In this area be aware that the ratings are not standardized and some manufacturers per hour ratings are theoretical and not actual, ask questions to determine the unit’s true capability.

4) How Much Can You Spend?

Will you buy brand new, a demo unit, one that has been reconditioned or a used piece? Don’t be afraid to closely consider a demo unit or a machine that has been reconditioned if you are comfortable with that company’s reputation to produce a quality product. If you must purchase used be aware that in most cases additional time and money will have to be spent to make the unit usable. Beware that some necessary repairs and parts can far outweigh any perceived initial savings.

5) What are the Estimated Maintenance Costs?

Do some research to find out if the floor scrubber in consideration requires specialized or OEM cleaning supplies. Also, estimate how much wear items and consumables such as squeegee blades, floor pads and brushes cost to replace for the machine in consideration. You might think you’re getting a great deal, but if the operating cost of the machine is extremely high compared to models of similar capability you may want to think about spending a little more initial cost to save some money in the long haul.